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The yoma platform enables you to build and transform your future by unlocking your hidden potential.

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Build your future
with yoma


Upskill and show your skills on yoma in order to reach your goals


Make a difference, earn rewards and build your CV by taking part in our impact challenges


Record your growth on yoma, unlock skills through opportunities and earn rewards

A digital CV
like no other

Whether you have completed an impact task, a course, gained a new skill or have completed a challenge, you can record all of your growth in a digital identity credential wallet. This growth is verified using blockchain technology.

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Continous self development,
continous social impact,
continous rewards.

On Yoma we reward your growth with

Issued certificates which
are issued and can be verified using blockchain technology

Endorsement for skills and experience on your CV, which can also be verified using blockchain

ZLTO, our digital token, can be redeemed and spent in the yoma marketplace on data, airtime and more

Complete tasks, challenges and courses that will unlock skills and add them to your digital CV, allowing you to build a trusted reputation.

This allows your profile to reflect a digital CV of achievements which can help you enter the career you want with the employers that want you.

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